Bungee Jumping Kraków are places, where you can do the jumping from a 90m high construction crane, which are the highest places to do this in Poland. The equipment used by us, are the best quality products of renowned companies, that guarantee the safety. The instructors team is trained to prepare and guide you in bungee jumping, and obviously help you in making decision to jump when you’re up, so that the jump would be unforgettable experience.

We don’t make reservations, you just show up at the opening hours - we don’t jump during storm and strong wind. Current informations about the jumps, including opening hours, location and phone numbers, are on the subpages Bungee Kraków.

For those who want to have a photos and a movie from the jump, there is an option of ordering before the jump, and have them burned at the CD, 10 minutes after the jump. For every jumper there is certificate, confirming the trial.

Bungee Jump is a perfect idea for a gift, the beginning of the stag party or a bachelorette party (remember that the jumper must be sober :)), or even a proposal. Vouchers are available at the place where we jump, during the opening hours, or we can send it by letter, if you write us at facebook or e-mail adress in the contact subpage.

Informations about the trams & buses running to the place at “Bungee Kraków” subpage
Bungee Jumping Kraków
Al. Pokoju 16 (The corner of fabryczna/al. pokoju streets - Grzegórzecki football pitch & tennis courts)

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