As you are standing next to the crane, you may say you are not scared of jumping, but when you are up, there is not a person that doesn’t feel any fear at all - it’s a normal thing, when you do something so unusual. Apart from preparing you technically to the jump, we try to do our best to convince your brain, so that each jumper will do it - we are sure that you will not regret it! In whole year 2013, only 1,3% of people who went up had resigned.

The feeling of freefall is indescribable - you just have to experience it. Bungee Jumping is a high adrenaline rush, a huge dose of good feeling, and what’s best - you’ll never get bored with it. If you don’t have any medical contraindications, you have to try it even once - it will last long in your memory and the photos with movie will be a great reminder for you and your facebook profile :)

You don’t have to worry about the safety - bungee jumping is the safest extreme sport, if the jumps are conducted by trained people and the high quality equipment is used. That’s how we do it in Kraków - there are always instructors that guided thousands of people and the equipment such as triple-safety harness or alpine belts in the jumping rope, that are giving you 100% guarantee of safe landing. During the jump you don’t feel any tug, the jumping ropes are working very soft.

The instructors available at the place will tell you all about how to jump and why it doesn’t make any sense, to stand long thinking when you are up, as well they will answer all the questions that bother you.
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