To take part in this type of activity, you need to get familiar with the regulations, accept it and comply to it, what’s confirmed with your signature on an adequate sheet of paper.

It is forbidden to perform a jump under the influence of alcohol or any kind of drugs.

It is forbidden to perform a jump by people, who are suffering from troubles connected to circulatory system, heart diseases, epilepsy, pregnant women or people after strong injuries of lower extremity, pelvis, with backbone problems or after backbone injuries or any part of body, that should not be exposed to extreme activity.

It is obligatory to leave all your stuff from the pocket, that may fall out during the jump, especially cell phone, wallet, keys, lighter. Take off all the jewellery.

Jump may be performed only in shoes that doesn’t cover the ankle, any other kind of shoe must be taken off.

It is forbidden to catch the elastic rope during the jump, so it won’t cause any damage to you.

The organizer of a jumps is not taking responsibilty for any damage caused in consequence of noncompliance to the regulations, concealing important facts or declaring the untruth.

When your age is below 18, but above 16, you need to have your legal parents agreement and the jump is performed during his presence.

If you won’t uphold to the rules, the organizer may refuse to let you jump without explaining the reason. In case the jump has already been performed, the organizer is not taking responsibility for any of the damage you obtained.

Organizer is reserving the right to refuse anyone to perform a jump, without explaining the reason.

If the jumper after the second signal from instructor (3, 2, 1 bungee) will not perform a jump, or will resign, we are not refunding the costs of a jump.

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